Recent publications / seminars

Workshop: Making good decisions Legalwise CLE, March 2020

“Official access to encrypted communications in New Zealand: Not more powers but more principle? ” (2020) Common Law World Review

“Current developments in judicial review” Legalwise CLE, Auckland/Wellington, March 2019

“Miller v New Zealand: Lost in translation?” New Zealand Centre for Public Law, June 2018

“Developments in Public Agencies’ Access to Privately Held Data and Data Protection Obligations” Legalwise CLE, Auckland/Wellington, March 2018

“‘Big Data’ & public law: defining lawful search & access in the face of data ubiquity” New Zealand Law Society CLE, Wellington, February 2018

“International law, cyberspace and where to next” invited paper to Beeby Colloquium on International Law, November 2017

“Data ubiquity and the law” invited paper to the New Zealand Crown Law Office, 2017; the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, 2017; New Zealand Judges’ Clerks’ Conference, 2018

“The (more) public life of secret law” lecture to Australian Centre for Military and Security Law, July 2017; also to New Zealand Centre for Public Law, September 2017

“A partly outside job? The potential of transnational legal discourse for disclosure in proceedings involving national security decisions” Accountability for Transnational Counter­Terrorism Operations, IACL Research Group on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism conference, Dickson Pool School of Law, Kings College London, March 2016