Published legal advice / law reform / etc

Some of my published advice to the Attorney-General as Crown Counsel for human rights law (to 2014) on the compliance of bills with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 is accessible here or, if that doesn’t work, with some difficulty through the archived Ministry of Justice website here at Policy/Constitutional policy and human rights/Human rights/BORA advice to the Attorney-General.

Public reports of the inquiries by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security to which I contributed during my term as Deputy Inspector-General (2014-2017) are  accessible from the Office of the Inspector-General.

Submissions and/or advice concerning law reform made as Crown Counsel; as a member of the New Zealand Law Society Human Rights and Privacy Law and Public and Administrative Law reform committees; and in other capacities are accessible at the New Zealand parliament website. Significant submissions and/or contributions to submissions include the reform of the Immigration Act 2009; the Search and Surveillance Act 2012; the 2017 reform of intelligence and national security legislation; and the Law Commission review of legislation governing the Crown in court proceedings.

Some of my professional publications are accessible here.